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We create exciting content of discovery. Jimmy Hunt traveled the Waikato River on a Lilo to create awareness for male depression. 'A Bit Mental' was a one hour doco on TV3. 

Chevron Delo needed to get the word out to truckers. So we arranged a tug o war between a tow-truck and a tug boat. Darrell Ward of History's Ice Road Truckers came along for the ride and pitted two mega-metal beasts against each other on a wharf in California. All in the name of Severe Duty.

Let's Get Invenitn' is an epic series that's been running for 91 episodes over 7 seasons. Emmy & BAFTA nominated this groundbreaking format brings invention ideas to life. Kids 8 - 12 enter a competition to design…

Let's Get Inventin'

A top rating family science TV show currently screening on Discovery Asia and TVNZ Hei Hei. The format brings kids engineering ideas to life and helps kids 8 - 12 years get patents.

A 2007 BAFTA Nomination, in 2014 an International Emmy® Kids Awards Nominee and Winner of three Qantas Best TV Awards, this show is the only New Zealand kids show to rate number one against adult titles.

For 10 years it has screened in over 150 countries, inspiring young imaginations to produce astounding inventions over seven seasons, 91 half-hour episodes. 

Inventors are mentored by scientists and engineers who…

Life on Ben 10 X 3 min

Mixing live action with stop motion animation this series for kids explores the intricacies of life at cellular level.  Gordon and Gloob (voiced by Flight of the Conchords’ Jermaine Clement and Boy director Taika Waititi) are two symbiotic creatures who go on an unexpected journey across the body of 10 year old Ben meeting a petri dish of other microbial folk along the way.

10 x 2 min episodes.

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A Bit Mental Inside New Zealand Doco for TV3

This 2013 documentary follows Jimmy Hunt and his quest to conquer depression in his own way, by floating the length of New Zealand's longest river on an inflatable lilo.

The Goober Brothers

A crazy fast-paced romp with two back yard inventor scientists who market their ‘useful’ inventions through this series of engaging infomercials. The Goober Brothers inspired the creation of the Let’s Get Inventin’ reality series bringing kid's ideas to life.

New Artland

Luke Nola created this ambitious art series for TVNZ6. Thirteen leading artists were commissioned to create epic works of art with the help of a community of their choice. Presented by New Zealand music legend Chris Knox, the series spans the length and breadth of the country and involves the artworks of farmers, flying squads, orchestras, graffiti artists, school kids, tattooists, knitters, BMX riders, snowballs and Westies. 

Two Series - 26 Episodes.

The Party Animals

Luke was co-creator and designer of this live action pre-school series which features five lovable alien bears who drop in to earth  and try to decipher everyday objects.

Tippy has a magic touch, Buddy has a taste of the action, Snuffles has a nose for everything, Chopper is there with his great big ears and Poppy has got eagle eyes. And the Party Animals are helped by their special friend, Alphapet.In each episode, they are given some mystery objects to solve and discover things like letters, numbers, colours and time. Once they've found the answer to the objects and their functions, it's time to party!