We create exciting content of discovery. Jimmy Hunt traveled the Waikato River on a Lilo to create awareness for male depression. 'A Bit Mental' was a one hour doco on TV3. 

Chevron Delo needed to get the word out to truckers. So we arranged a tug o war between a tow-truck and a tug boat. Darrell Ward of History's Ice Road Truckers came along for the ride and pitted two mega-metal beasts against each other on a wharf in California. All in the name of Severe Duty.

Let's Get Invenitn' is an epic series that's been running for 91 episodes over 7 seasons. Emmy & BAFTA nominated this groundbreaking format brings invention ideas to life. Kids 8 - 12 enter a competition to design and then compete to make their ideas work on the show. 91 episodes, 12 patents later the show has been seen by kids in over 72 counties. 

Luke Showreel (Long) from Luke Nola on Vimeo.